Business Plans

Experts in business plan development.

The SCAS BD has completed literally hundreds of business plans in dozens of industries and sectors. It truly doesn’t matter to us the category or scale of the business, since we staff every project dynamically – with multinational, multilingual individuals – to ensure our clients benefit from the best minds and exactly the right expertise.

A SCAS project team typically consists of:

  • Our in-house team of consultants, veterans of top-tier management consultancies and graduates of premier business schools
  • A global talent pool of industry and sector experts

SCAS maintains one of the consulting industry’s lowest project-to-professionals ratios, meaning that each of our consultants has the time to focus relentlessly on his or her project for the benefit of the client. Each SCAS professional and sector expert works with just one client partner at a time to ensure complete immersion and deliver the highest level of service.

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