Strategic Management Consulting / Business Strategy

Top-tier consultants delivering business strategy and management consulting services.

SCAS strategy and management consultants are a unique team trained at top business schools (including Harvard, Wharton, Columbia and Chicago) and management consulting firms (including McKinsey and Booz). Our teams unparalleled experience allows us to serve clients in virtually any sector or type of business.

SCAS consulting clients range from startups to established multinational corporations; from family businesses to government organizations; from high net worth individuals to private equity groups and venture capital funds – in short, any business or investor group requiring consultation on strategy, operations, finance and buy/sell decisions.

Our approach to client relationships is one of long-term partnership and alignment of interests. The nature of the SCAS model is that we can add value at any stage in a company’s development – from business plan to exit strategy – and with any challenge from strategic vision to operational issues to financial structure and restructuring. Our team is trained to go beyond standard textbook solutions and unleash creativity that unlocks value.

Given the team’s background and the professional reputations of its individual members, SCAS is committed to the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of our work. For this reason we will accept only client engagements in which we are confident we can deliver exceptional value.

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