M&A – A Structured Approach to the Sale

To maximize value for our clients, SCAS takes a structured approach to the entire sales process.

It begins with a prep phase during which, if necessary, we recast your financials to eliminate inefficiencies and reflect the true value of the business.

The pro forma – and forward-looking strategy – will be developed based on our analysis of the marketplace and understanding of the target buyer.

The sale strategy is the determined by our analysis of a variety of dynamic factors including financial performance, industry dynamics, competitive positioning, global M&A environment, market timing and so forth.

In addition, we examine operations, technology, financial performance, assets, liabilities, and management and growth opportunities in detail and, from our findings, create a detailed memorandum highlighting the company’s value proposition including market/industry overview, products/company profile, facilities, organization structure and management team, company strategy, performance and prospects.

This offering memorandum presents a compelling case for maximum value.

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