SCAS is a boutique private equity and venture capital advisory firm that helps companies refine their ideas, crystallize business plans and execute go-to-market strategies. SCAS clients include Fortune companies, SMEs and startups across industries. The firm also works with fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses and delivers analysis and advice on critical strategic issues.

Latest news

SCAS Inc. To Launch Technology Incubator

Private Equity and Venture Capital Advisory firm SCAS Inc. announced today that Managing Partner Samir Chreim will join Boston-based EGNYT as CEO to launch a technology incubator in two countries.

“The newly opened 2,500-sqft business incubator in Beirut will be followed by an identical facility in Cambridge, MA that is meant for enterprises focusing on technology,” said Mr. Chreim, Managing Director.

The incubators will be funded by SCAS and will be managed Samir Chreim, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of over 12 startups. “For many years SCAS Inc. and EGNYT have helped match angel investors and funds and angel with emerging projects. We believe that formalizing and systematizing this relationship will not only boost the number of graduating startups, but will also help us build on what we accomplished over the past 9 years.”

“Having a footprint in two countries not only help us leverage economies of scale, but will also boost cooperation and will help bridge a major gap in technology know-how faced by startups in Middle Eastern countries, and in particular, in Lebanon,” Mr. Chreim added: “Take digital marketing as an example, a key success factor that plays as the determinant for a successful startup. This expertise is almost non-existent in Lebanon. By drawing on the expertise of the Boston location, we can local Beirut startups overcome these challenges.”

Benefits go both ways. For example, Cambridge-based incubator also stands to benefit from having access to a Beirut-based location. “In the age of Unicorns, technology expertise is in high demand and expensive to come by in the US. Therefore, having a Beirut location, US-based startups can benefit by having access to low-cost by hiring or outsourcing to Beirut where labor is cheaper,” said Mr. Chreim.

Beyond seed-stage funding, graduating startups stand to benefit from SCAS services in getting early-stage funding and private equity. SCAS provides startups with investments directly or indirectly by matching them with investors.

Barnes & Nobles Retail Business, What is it Worth?

By some measures, Barnes & Noble’s retail business may be worth nothing as the overall company is valued at around $863 million and its total enterprise value is about $1.3 billion, according to S&P’s Capital IQ. In fact 2012, Microsoft and Pearson bought a 23 percent chunk of the Barnes & Noble’s Nook division at $1.8 billion valuation. Surely, Barnes & Noble has nearly 700 stores and an e-commerce business, and according to the Wall Street Journal, its chairman Leonard Riggio says he’d buy the retail unit and he would likely need to value the business at about $1 billion, based on multiples tied to its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. That value would include the $338 million in debt, while And Riggio himself is owed $127 million in notes from a 2009 transaction involving the company’s college book stores unit. That would leave a $534 million hole to the total value.

Dropbox Pursuing IPO at $4 billion valuation

Dropbox last round of funding around early 2012 was conducted at $250 million valuation. Therefore, it is likely that the company is moving towards flotation. Overall, the company has raised a total of $257 million to date. That said, Dropbox is cash-rich and profitably at the moment, perhaps enabling it ample flexibility on when it pulls the trigger on an IPO. Strategically, Dropbox increased its focus on corporate customers closing in on Box as its main competitor. The recently revamped ‘Teams’ feature enables small businesses and managers control over use, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the service to the business segment.

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