Due Diligence

 Comprehensive due diligence to guide and support your investment decisions.

An investment decision is only as good as the information and analysis that informs it. SCAS supports buyers with a comprehensive due diligence service that can encompass data as varied as:

  • Financial, commercial and marketplace performance
  • Strategic vision and positioning
  • Analysis of operations and technology,
  • Review of balance sheet, assets and liabilities, as well as overall investment strategy
  • Industry, products, markets, facilities, employees, pipeline and growth opportunities analysis

The SCAS due diligence process can be implemented regardless of sector, industry or type of business. SCAS can deliver targeted due diligence in one particular area (e.g., finance) or a complete, turnkey solution that encompasses all disciplines relevant to a given investment, including legal and audit. By running the entire process, SCAS can ensure that all necessary information has been surfaced and all issues have been discussed.

Using our proprietary methodology, SCAS performs opportunity due diligence to assess the opportunity from the core out.

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