Dispute Resolution & Litigation Support

Resolving disputes before they escalate into full-blown legal battles.

As partners and confidantes to our clients, SCAS can play a role in virtually every aspect of the business, including dispute resolution and litigation support.

Our experience is that for any business, legal disputes typically are a distraction from the company’s core work, wasting undue amounts of management time better spent on strategy and operations. In extreme cases, litigation can lead to bankruptcies or other significant erosion of shareholder value.

So it is almost always best when common disputes can be avoided or resolved before they reach the courts. Armed with this philosophy – and our intimate understanding of our clients’ operations, financial position and strategic vision – SCAS has been able to step in as mediator and resolve numerous disputes among shareholders, partners and third parties. SCAS may simply propose objective solutions or restructure an agreement or suggest ways of aligning interests, the result being substantial savings in legal fees and avoidance of loss of shareholder value.

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