Feasibility Study Services: Industries We Cover

SCAS BD develops feasibility studies across multiple industries and sectors.

SCAS BD sector expertise includes:

  • Ecommerce (B2B, B2C and C2C).
  • Power generation and distribution, including green and traditional, including solar panels manufacturing and installations, solar water heaters, hydrocarbon power generation, pre-paid metering, geothermal power, wind power.
  • Oil and gas, upstream and downstream.
  • Health care, including general hospitals and clinics.
  • General manufacturing plants including bottling, cement, pipes and profiles, auto parts, electronics and ECB, chemical, pharmaceutical, FMCG, printing, equipment, assembly, appliances, beverage, farm products, dairy products, furniture, aluminum, steel, packaging, textile, house wares, waste management, general building materials.
  • Financial services, including commercial banks, insurance companies and financing companies).
  • Retail, including apparel, malls, car dealerships, department stores, office supplies, pet stores, sporting goods, home furniture, grocery stores, rental companies, toy stores and jewelry stores.
  • Food and beverage, including restaurants, catering, fast food concepts and food courts.
  • Entertainment, including casinos, resorts, zoos, movie theatres, water parks and travel companies.
  • Transportation, including seaports, airports, airlines, taxi fleet, cargo, VIP service, freight and shipping companies, airplane ground handling, airplane maintenance and ship maintenance.
  • Consumer goods, including distribution companies, new markets entry and new product launches.
  • Education and training, including schools, training facilities, executive programs and universities.
  • Media, including publishing, TV, multi-media and internet, advertising, marketing services, radio and web marketing.
  • Telecom, including GSM, broadband, satellite communications, landline, cable, ISPs, satellite TV, fiber optics, laser and microwave.
  • Services companies, including construction, architecture, ship maintenance, real estate management, sun control systems, and green solution providers.

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