Initiatives Management

Idea generation and evaluation.

Assessing initiatives and deciding which to pursue is a challenge for any new business, whether a green field venture, sideline or line extension. In the early stage of a business’s lifecycle – before a company has settled into its operating and financial model – there can be a tendency to “run off madly in all directions,” pursuing every inkling of an idea for fear of missing that one big opportunity.

SCAS consultants are extremely familiar with this common stage of business development and have helped many new entities manage this process and make wise decisions on which initiatives are worth pursuing for the long term. Our team’s multifaceted experience with strategic consulting, operational modeling and financial structuring gives us a unique three-dimensional perspective into a business and ability to evaluate and identify its best opportunities for success in the marketplace. By providing unbiased guidance and an external perspective, SCAS can help young companies shortcut the trial and error process of sifting through ideas and instead help management focus on the handful of ideas most likely to create value and drive ROI.

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