Multiple advisory services with a single focus: THE CLIENT.

For any business in startup mode, growing rapidly or considering expansion, finding advisors is easy. The challenge is figuring out which ones to listen to, especially when their opinions differ.

It was to remedy this reality that SCAS assembled a one-of-a-kind team of management consultants, financial advisors and investment bankers to offer our clients a one-stop-shop where the best minds from a variety of disciplines could be brought to bear on a problem.

The result, SCAS, is a boutique consultancy unlike any other. In our firm, senior members of top-tier shops representing a spectrum of high-level business services have come together to form a new partnership capable of addressing the many interrelated needs of a fast-growing company. From feasibility studies to fundraising, from KPI’s to M+A’s, SCAS has the capabilities to see a business from idea to IPO – and ensure that its advice is not only consistently wise, but also, simply consistent.

Find out more about the range of interrelated services we provide, and then contact a SCAS managing partner for an initial consultation.

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