Organizational Time Management

By adopting this management tool, organizations will start viewing time as a scarce resource that needs to be invested ineffectively—as is done with finance. It will then be more possible to track levels of engagement and time spent on tasks. This can help in managing budgets, reducing pressure on executives, and lowering costs, all while boosting productivity.

The development process requires managers to:

  • Prioritize time when completing tasks.
  • Use time management tracking tools to help increase productivity and improve time management.
  • Combine these tools with analytical tools, such as productivity benchmarking, to improve performance.
  • Eliminate low-value tasks that take up too much time.
  • Delegate authority when it comes to time-consuming tasks.
  • Standardize the decision process.
  • Make time discipline an important factor in daily work life.
  • Use feedback to help manage workloads.

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