Customer Journey Analysis

Customer Journey Analysis provides companies with an inside look into customer perspectives. As such, organizations are better able to understand their customers’ experiences with the companies. Organizations can then use this information to better map out future strategies, eliminate redundancies, and achieve objectives.

Everything from start to finish is noted, whether it’s an online service, delivery experience, or a chat with customer service. As such, this data should be used to close any gaps for future improvement.

Customer journey analysis usually uses “Big Data” to identify complex patterns in customer behavior and trends so that immediate action can be taken against potential issues.

The development process requires managers to:

  • Analyze and monitor every step of their customer’s experiences.
  • Present data on customer satisfaction for further improvement.
  • Collect performance information detailing how customer experiences should be, from start to finish.
  • Have a better understanding of what customers value.
  • Identify a possible waste in company resources and/or customer time.

How a customer’s journey plays out across channels (e.g., from searching online, talking to a contact center agent, visiting a store, buying online) is highly valuable but is also challenging to map out. Market research helps organizations understand their customers’ actual experience in a variety of settings and can link that to overall performance results.

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