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SCAS Inc. To Launch Technology Incubator

Private Equity and Venture Capital Advisory firm SCAS Inc. announced today that Managing Partner Samir Chreim will join Boston-based EGNYT as CEO to launch a technology incubator in two countries. “The newly opened 2,500-sqft business incubator in Beirut will be followed by an identical facility in Cambridge, MA that is meant for enterprises focusing on […]

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EBay to buyout New York Start-up Hunch

Global e-commerce and online payments platform eBay Inc. on Monday announced plans to acquire a New York start-up called Hunch Inc. This is according to a post published on Michael Arrington’s blog, Michael is the brains and soul behind TechCrunch, a popular web publication. He is also a general partner at CrunchFund. EBay Inc. […]

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Nippon Metal and Nisshin Steel to Merge

Tuesday this week, Nippon Metal Industry and Nisshin Steel announced plans to merge in a business deal that would form the second-biggest stainless steel mill in Japan. Both companies will have a market capitalization of $1.6 billion after the deal, expected to go down before 12th October, is completed. Nisshin already owns a 5 % […]

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