Agile Management

Agile Management is all about bringing the most noteworthy innovations to light and introducing them to the market at a faster pace to improve team engagement and customer satisfaction. Some common Agile Management approaches include Scrum, Kanban, Lean Development, and Lean Startup. 

The development process requires managers to:

  • Identify opportunities for agile innovation. 
  • Assemble a small, multidisciplinary, self-governing team to tackle important opportunities. 
  • Have a ‘Head of Initiatives’ to help the team with establishing a vision, developing a list of initiatives, and planning on how to tackle those opportunities and their expected results. 
  • Have the team create a roadmap of all possible problems and their subsequent solutions. Produce and test prototypes before committing to a new idea; adapt the next step forward depending on feedback received. 
  • Have the team continuously identify opportunities to improve effectiveness.

In the context of culture-nudging, we recommend that Entrepreneurship Culture Archetypes consider adopting Agile Management.

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