Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is a strategy that allows for the rapid extraction, transformation, loading, search, analysis, and sharing of massive data. This method aims to quickly identify previously unnoticed correlations in order to perform efficient data analysis. Data is processed easily via the following means:

  • Identify significant business opportunities that could benefit from superior data, then determine if Advanced Analytics solutions are needed. 
  • Develop hardware, software, and talent needed to implement Advanced Analytics.
  • Incorporate data scientists who better understand how to implement this tool into the organization. 
  • Identify specific decisions and actions that can be improved. 
  • Establish guiding principles such as data privacy and security policies.
  • Expand management tools to other business areas. 

Deploying advanced analytics helps managers better measure and manage critical functions within their organization as well as with customers and competitors. The implementation process requires managers to:

  • Have a clear idea of the culture, values, and strategy within the organization.
  • Address and align its vision and mission to key stakeholders.
  • Ensure that objectives are measurable, approaches are actionable, visions are achievable.
  • Communicate the message using clear, simple and precise language.
  • Develop buy-in and support throughout the organization.

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