Government and Public Sector

GSA Contract #: 47QRAA21D00

CAGE Code: 8SFW0

DUNS: 806298159

Past Performance

SCAS advises well-established government contracting firms on high-profile engagements that require superior strategy advisory. Our mission is to align our interest with that of our clients to have “skin in the game”, and to bring value by forging long-term partnerships as our top priority key performance indicator. We’re excited and eager to establish new relationships and deliver work that’s beyond expectations, with tier-level at par with or higher than that of the leading global consulting firms. By aligning our incentives with those of our clients, we unlock their potential and augment their internal capabilities as if they were our own. We’re passionate about unlocking potential and making transformation happen with this unique partnership model. Client reference can be obtained upon request.

Our Core Capabilities

As a Cambridge-based boutique strategy and management consultancy, SCAS deploys only top-tier management consultants to deliver unrivaled superior results at an unmatched value to clients, with “skin-the-game” to contribute towards this feat. SCAS covers most areas of management and strategy consulting (non-exhaustively): 
  • Human resource management
  • Strategic planning
  • Employee engagement systems
  • Digital Transformations
  • Benchmarking 
  • Complexity reduction
  • High-performance management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Core competencies and capabilities
  • Post-merger integration
  • Change management programs
  •  Corporate management
  • Organizational time management
  • Operations management
  • Employee and customer satisfaction
  • Vision and mission statements
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Customer relationship management
  • Turnaround management
  • Strategic economic development
  • Business process reengineering

Our Differentiation

SCAS believes that a consulting firm is more than just an advisor and should be more results-driven. Our key differentiating factor is in the enhanced approach that is based on the innovative area of “System-Thinking” in organizations and management. This added layer of systems consideration in SCAS’ approach takes project deliverables to a new standard of excellence that’s unmatched in the industry. Another differentiating factor is our top-tier advisory services that are identical in quality to that of MBB firms (McKinsey, Bain, BCG), but SCAS adopts a less cookie-cutter and a more personalized approach to project delivery. SCAS relies on a delivery model that is agile and lean, designed to give clients more bang for their budget. SCAS consultants are required to have industry experience in at least one of the leading consulting firms. Consultants have the functional and industry expertise that are needed to deliver top-tier results.

GSA Contract #: 47QRAA21D00

CAGE Code: 8SFW0

DUNS: 806298159

Corporate Data

SCAS Inc., Harvard Square, 1 Mifflin Place, Suite 400, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Contact email:

Contact Phone: (617) 762-0698

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