Investment Process

As careful in our investments as we are in our advisory.

In our consulting engagements we will work only with companies for whom we can successfully increase value, and the same thinking holds true in our investment strategy: If the value won’t appreciate, we won’t make the investment.

There are three investment structures we may use:

  • Lead investor and manager: This is typically our role on a deal that is entirely and directly managed through SCAS or in which SCAS co-invests alongside other PE, VC angel or HNW investors. In this structure SCAS is the manager and the co-investors become passive investors.
  • Passive investor: In this situation SCAS will typically have identified the deal and will co-invest alongside proven managers with a stellar track record. In this structure, SCAS is a passive investor.
  • Venture capital: SCAS makes its resources available for appropriate venture capital opportunities.


Regardless of our investment position, SCAS will be heavily involved before, during and following the transaction.
For submitting investment opportunities please fill in the form below so that we can contact you:

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