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SCAS Inc. To Launch Technology Incubator

Private Equity and Venture Capital Advisory firm SCAS Inc. announced today that Managing Partner Samir Chreim will join Boston-based EGNYT as CEO to launch a technology incubator in two countries. “The newly opened 2,500-sqft business incubator in Beirut will be followed by an identical facility in Cambridge, MA that is meant for enterprises focusing on […]

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Barnes & Nobles Retail Business, What is it Worth?

By some measures, Barnes & Noble’s retail business may be worth nothing as the overall company is valued at around $863 million and its total enterprise value is about $1.3 billion, according to S&P’s Capital IQ. In fact 2012, Microsoft and Pearson bought a 23 percent chunk of the Barnes & Noble’s Nook division at […]

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Dropbox Pursuing IPO at $4 billion valuation

Dropbox last round of funding around early 2012 was conducted at $250 million valuation. Therefore, it is likely that the company is moving towards flotation. Overall, the company has raised a total of $257 million to date. That said, Dropbox is cash-rich and profitably at the moment, perhaps enabling it ample flexibility on when it […]

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JPMorgan buys MF Global Stake in London Metal Exchange

After successful dealing, JPMorgan Chase bought an additional 4.7 percent stake in the London Metal Exchange from the insolvent brokerage MF Global, in a deal valued at $38.9 million. This is according to persons privileged with the information about the deal. JPMorgan Chase bought MF Global’s holdings in LME via an auction led by the […]

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EBay to buyout New York Start-up Hunch

Global e-commerce and online payments platform eBay Inc. on Monday announced plans to acquire a New York start-up called Hunch Inc. This is according to a post published on Michael Arrington’s blog, Michael is the brains and soul behind TechCrunch, a popular web publication. He is also a general partner at CrunchFund. EBay Inc. […]

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LinkedIn Investors Target to Sell $500 Million in Company Stock

LinkedIn investors and executives will be seeking to sell more than 6.7 million shares valued at around $500 million, only 5 months after its blockbuster IPO in May this year. This is according to a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the filings, Bain Capital, LinkedIn’s top investor, will be […]

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